Evergreen sapling grounded on orange boards represents starting a new venture to use knowledge to change.

The problem / opportunity

Knowledge Designs to Change grew out of the world of program evaluation and outcome measurement. However, they had come to define knowledge work much more expansively. They wanted to help nonprofits, funders, community groups, and public institutions understand how to use knowledge to effect change. Their strategic challenge was to communicate this broader approach to nonprofit knowledge work and educate their audiences about its value. In addition, as a new consulting practice, they needed a logo, business cards, and a website.

Our strategy

Public Voice NY realized that Knowledge Designs to Change had several distinct audiences. We helped them explore the roles, concerns, values, goals of each. And then frame the services and solutions they offered in ways that would resonate and engage new clients. Amy Pollack designed their branding to convey their message in a concrete and dynamic way. Last but not least, Ben Roman designed and built a website that would express their brand personality, enable them to manage content on their own, and give them room to expand. Our team provided a customized package of services – on time and within budget – that delivered what Knowledge Designs to Change required.

The outcome

Our work with Knowledge Designs to Change positioned them to launch, gain an identity in their field, and develop their portfolio. Their client list continues to grow. And they know they can turn to us for updates as needed.

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