A photo of colorful electrical tools illustrates nonprofit communications tools

We’ve developed nonprofit communications tools to help you / your staff. Although they don’t entirely take the place of our other services, they will give you some insight and guidance. They will also help you prepare to work with us – or other specialists.

We’re happy to share these free resources:

Nonprofit Communications Tools

  • Our Nonprofit Branding Workbook helps you develop a complete brand strategy.
  • Use the Nonprofit Editorial Guidelines template to ensure the quality and consistency of your communications.
  • The Audience Persona Tool will deepen your understanding of the values and concerns of your supporters and prospects.
  • You can use our Storytelling Tool to make your organization’s core story as compelling and memorable as possible.
  • The Story Collecting Tool provides a structure for staff / volunteers to gather and bank stories from different stakeholders.
  • With the Story Listening Tool, you can defuse distrust among people who are skeptical of – or even somewhat opposed to – the work of your nonprofit.
  • Use the Content Mapping Tool to plan which types of content will resonate best with different groups of supporters.
  • The Lead Nurturing Tool focuses on engaging strangers, converting them to supporters,.and ultimately turning them into promoters.
  • A Nonprofit Editorial Calendar enables you to produce more content with less stress – and use the best timing and context to reach your audiences.
  • Use the Donation Button Checklist to optimize your website for contributions.
  • The Fundraising & Communications Alignment Tool gives your communications and fundraising staff a framework to coordinate more effectively.
  • You can use the Time Allocation Tool to look at how your nonprofit has allocated your staff time. And then use that information to prioritize activities that help meet your goals.

Have ideas for new communications tools?

We are always open to improving our toolkit. To that end, we hope you’ll let us know how you used any of these downloads. And please feel free to ask any questions or share your suggestions.

Finally, we plan to add new resources in the future. In addition to returning to this page to check for new things, we would love to know what other tools you wish you had.

We look forward to hearing from you.