Photo of Kathakali performers applying makeup represents the power of a strong nonprofit storytelling voice.

Have you found your nonprofit storytelling voice?

Is your goal to change how your clients are viewed? Do you want more people to know more about the impact of your work? Or do you want to help people change their behavior? No matter what your goals are, stories are the most effective way to change minds and hearts. Sadly, too many nonprofits don’t tell their stories well. With all the pressures to operate and move forward with their work, they skip over some critical components of great stories.

The first step is to find your nonprofit storytelling voice. That voice is the core language that distills your organization’s vision, mission, and values. In addition, an authentic voice conveys your nonprofit’s personality and tone. The second step is gaining deeper insights into what moves people to support your work. What do they value greatly? What worries them deeply? Why would they want to be the heroes of your cause? And how can you help them do that?

By helping you gain more in-depth insight, we help you tell stories that move your audiences.

Nonprofit storytelling voice

Consultations start at $2,500 and include deliverables such as:

  • Interviews with key staff and stakeholders
  • Identifying the deep metaphors that express your nonprofit’s raison d’être
  • Generating your organization’s core language and core story
  • Writing / editing additional assets about your clients, members, community
  • Designing vivid digital and print assets that visualize your story
  • Coaching leaders and staff in staying true to your nonprofit’s voice
  • Training staff and volunteers to collect more stories to expand your story bank

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All storytelling packages include a free, 30-minute phone consultation.

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