Bee intently pollinating a deep yellow sunflower illustrates the role of nonprofit communications in helping a organizations thrive.

We think of our nonprofit communications approach as being like bees in a garden. When they’re working well, the hive, the garden, the gardeners, and the community all do better.

Our nonprofit communications approach

We take you from discovery to strategy, and then through implementation. In fact, because we care so much about our clients’ work, we often over-deliver!

No matter how much you, your staff, or your leadership love your communications assets, getting another perspective is usually a good idea. Our audits start with a review of your website, all your materials, and the channels you’re using. Next, we look at any analytic data you have. Then, if you need to learn more, we survey supporters and prospects. Finally, we assess similar groups to compare your positioning.

Once we’ve completed our review, we provide an actionable report – including guidance on ways to get even better results.

Strategy that scales with your organization

For us, a strategic approach is all about a concrete plan to take you from where you are to where you want to be. Our approach is tailored to your priorities. It can include brand voice, messaging, storytelling, a website makeover, promoting special events or campaigns, content marketing – or another communications project.

In addition, we provide something that you might not know you need. We work with both your communications staff and your fundraisers to set joint goals. Then we coach your staff on new ways to share data and insights, reinforce each other’s efforts, and achieve stronger results.

Supporting your staff

Finally, your staff’s knowledge about your nonprofit is a great resource. But their time is at a premium. And they may not be experts in marketing or communications. We can fill in those gaps. If you have a project that demands too much time or tech expertise, we’ll manage it from conception through launch.

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