Photo of relay racers smoothly handing off the baton illustrates the value of the fundraising communications alignment tool.

Aligning fundraising and communications boosts results for both.

Leaders in business have studied how much revenue goes up when marketing and sales work in sync – and how much it goes down when they don’t. They’ve designed specific approaches to maximize alignment. Although there haven’t been comparable studies of NPOs, it makes sense that the same principles will apply. But, as far as we know, the Fundraising Communication Alignment Tool is the first application of these best practices to nonprofits.

We designed the Fundraising Communications Alignment Tool to help you

  • Define the optimal roles for communications and fundraising staff
  • Concentrate fundraisers’ efforts on the most promising leads
  • Coordinate when and how communications staff will hand leads on to fundraisers
  • Focus on keeping donors engaged and – inspired to renew their support

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Get your fundraising and communications in sync.

Fundraising and Communications Alignment Tool CF