Photo of a bee intently pollinating a deep yellow sunflower illustrates the pollination as a nonprofit marketing metaphor.

Pollination as Nonprofit Marketing Metaphor

The process of pollination strikes me as another nonprofit marketing metaphor. In isolation, many flowers can’t produce more. They need agents or messengers to spread the pollen from one to another.

But I was not thinking about that when I took this shot in the Transit Garden near the Carroll Street subway station. I just love photographing bees and flowers. They are so vastly different and yet so intimately connected. So intent on their purpose. So utterly oblivious to my attention. And ultimately, so generous in the results they achieve.

I wish I didn’t feel haunted by a sense of elegy when I take these shots. I hate wondering if our folly and lack of accountability will mean photos of bees and flowers end up being the only record of the actual living things.

Simha Rosenberg


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