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Is nonprofit communications training right for your staff?

It may be hard to know when to invest in communications training for your nonprofit staff, rather than outsourcing these tasks. For ecample, your team may have the right talents, but not be familiar with the technology. In other situations, it may come down to whether they have enough time. Here four questions to consider:

With training, will your staff be able to manage your website, email, and database software?

If they have the training, will they be able to set up and manage digital ad campaigns?

Will training bring them up to date on changes in marketing and communications technology?

Do they need in-depth software courses, or will tailored training in specific tasks be a better fit?

If you answered yes, nonprofit communications training can help.

Training plans start at $450 and include these deliverables:

  • Assessing staff training needs
  • Recommendations for free or low-cost training resources
  • One or more training sessions of 1.5 hours each. (These may be conducted in multiple locations using safe screen sharing.)
  • One or more follow-up labs of 1.5 hours each in which staff work on actual projects with coaching. (These may be conducted in multiple locations using safe screen sharing.)
  • One or more hours of follow-up support via email / phone

Last, but not least, we specialize in helping marketing / communications staff and fundraisers align their campaigns. That’s geek-speak for getting the best of both worlds. Contact us to explore a custom consultation package.

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All nonprofit communications training includes a free, 30-minute phone consultation.

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