Conveyer belt delivering colorful boxes as metaphor for communications retainer plans

A communications retainer plan frees up staff time.

Nonprofit communications retainer plans are a great option to outsource ongoing work. Your NPO gets a steady stream of engaging content. Plus, you get the metrics to learn what works and focus on doing more of it. Most importantly, retainers free up staff time for other critical priorities.

We customize our plans to fit what you need. After the initial period, you can renew for three or more months.

Nonprofit communications retainer plans

Plans start at $1,500 monthly for three months and may include a number of the deliverables listed below:

  • One or more 30-minute content planning call / month
  • An agreed number of social media posts / week
  • Two or more audience-specific, custom formatted emails per month
  • At least one blog post per month – including on-page SEO
  • An agreed number of web content pages per 3-month period – including on-page SEO
  • One or more digital ad campaigns per 3-month period
  • An agreed number of new print assets per 3-month period
  • Four to six hours of staff training / 3-month period
  • Regular analytics review, goal setting, and strategy consultation

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