This photo of a dew spangled web symbolizes how dazzling nonprofit websites can be when they have a clear structure and smart design.

Nonprofit Websites that Sparkle

On my second visit to Baker Island in Maine, I was hoping for another spectacular day. But this time, with a much better camera than I’d had two years before, I found myself blanketed in fog. The few birds were very, very far away. And there were no views. None. That’s when it’s great to have a real love for macro photography. I’m incredibly nearsighted, so macro seems like a bionic extension of the way I see naturally. The fog had decked out dozens and dozens of webs unobtrusively woven in the grass. Spider webs that I would never have seen otherwise were appearing as trembling, resilient feats of genius. One weak ray of sun breaking thorough was all it took to make it all dazzle. Similarly, sometimes it only takes a bit of work to make sparkling nonprofit websites appear.

Simha Rosenberg


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