Still life of pearl in small shell illustrates nonprofit communications discovery services.

Are your communications doing the job?

Most likely, your organization already has a website and communications materials. But how long has it been since you assessed them? Are they memorable? Do they hang together as a suite? Do they have a clear call to action and do they inspire people to take that action? Our nonprofit communications discovery will help you identify the pearls you already have and see what you need next.

To begin with, we review the purpose and audience for each asset. Next, we look at the context in which of your audiences will see each piece of material. Then we assess how well the copy and design work on their own, as well as how well they reinforce each other. Finally, we provide you with an actionable plan for ways to improve and expand your communications assets to meet your goals.

Nonprofit communications discovery

Discovery consultations start at $800 and include deliverables such as:

  • Identifying key audiences
  • An audit of all digital and print communications assets
  • A review of current metrics and research data
  • Interviews with / surveys of your nonprofit’s key supporters and prospects
  • An analysis of similar / competing NPOs
  • A practical plan, including budget projections for refreshed and new materials

Let’s talk.

All nonprofit communications discovery services include a free, 30-minute phone consultation.

More Nonprofit Communications Services

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