Colorful puzzle graphic symbolizes nonprofit communications case studies and the solutions provided by Public Voice NY.

Our clients present an array of communications puzzles. We work closely with them to find solutions that are both sophisticated and practical. These nonprofit communications case studies present the challenges we’ve addressed – and the results we’ve delivered:

Client: The Foundation for Delaware County

Problem /Opportunity: The Foundation for Delaware County was created in 2016, with proceeds from the sale of a nonprofit medical system. As a brand-new organization, it required complete nonprofit communications services. To begin with, the foundation contacted Twistnshout primarily for design services. Then, Twistnshout brought in Public Voice NY and other members of its team to provide additional expertise.

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Client: The Contemporary Freudian Society

Problem /Opportunity:  The Contemporary Freudian Society (CFS) had considerable history as a highly accredited psychoanalytic society. However, in 2014 they realized they faced some complex and urgent marketing challenges. They had two major centers of operation. So they were grappling with how to best give equitable visibility to both locations. Additionally, they wanted to better clarify the relationship between their professional society and their training Institute.

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Client: A Wider Bridge

Problem /Opportunity:  The mission of A Wider Bridge is to build LGBTQ connections with Israel. Initially, they had a very basic website that attracted only a fraction of their target audiences. Since they knew their website was holding them back, they had recently gotten a grant for a major upgrade. However, they had questions about web strategy. In addition, they didn’t have a lot of prior experience in digital project management.

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