Photo of Kathakali dancers applying makeup before a performance depicts the power of stories and nonprofit storytelling.

Is your goal to change how your clients are viewed? Do you want to more people to know about the impact of your work? Or do you want to help people change their behavior? No matter what your goals are, stories are the most effective way to change minds and hearts. A nonprofit storytelling strategy will help you tell great ones.

An effective nonprofit storytelling strategy has 3 building blocks.

First, you need to really pay attention to the audience you want to listen. That’s because you need to know their reasons for caring. Even more important, you want them to become the heroes of your story, by being the ones who make the ending turn out positively.

Second, it is vital for the narrative to be an actual story. That means there are characters, a setting, and a plot, with emotional ups and downs. After all, if there’s no suspense, how will the ending pack a punch?

Third, there is so much you can do to showcase your story with creative assets. Images, color, graphics, video, and music all add a huge amount. And in a digital age, they are essential.

Our nonprofit storytelling strategy is customized for your organization.

Public Voice NY uses these building blocks to tell your story, to your listeners. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Persona graphic symbolizes the need for audience persona research as part of nonprofit storytelling.

Audience Personas

Donors have different reasons to support your nonprofit. How do you give them the feeling that you’re truly relating to each of them? The key is to turn audience research into personas.

Personas are fictional representations of your ideal supporters – the people who are most likely to engage with your mission and contribute to your work. Audience personas help you see the world through your supporters’ eyes. Quite simply, better persona research equals better marketing results.

Narrative graphic symbolizes the need for a compelling narrative as part of nonprofit storytelling.


A strong narrative works magic. It has real characters, set in a particular time and place, and told in an authentic voice. Most importantly, it will make supporters feel that their actions affected how the story ends. Unfortunately, far too many organizations talk about their work by describing their programs and how they operate. As a result, they come across as uninspiring business reports.

We specialize in developing powerful nonprofit narratives and have the tools to help you regularly add to a bank of fresh stories.

Creativity graphic symbolizes the need for creative assets as part of nonprofit storytelling.

Creative Assets

It’s fine to have visuals that look smart. But it’s even better to have designs that are smart. Especially when budgets are limited, designs need work well on a lot of channels and make an impact in print and online.

We ensure that messaging, photos, and layouts are set up to work well as social media posts, in emails, and on web pages. That way, your organization truly get the best return on its design investment.