A picture of a cute boy in front of a chalk board pretending to lift a heavy weight drawn on it illustrates nonprofit marketing skills training.

How do you know if nonprofit marketing skills training is right for your nonprofit?

Three things to ask yourself:

  1. Are you unsure what skills your staff needs?
  2. Are they up to date on marketing tech changes?
  3. Is your staff doing too much to do it well?

If you answered yes, nonprofit marketing skills training can help.

Besides training on how to’s, we consult on why to’s. That means helping you figure out which tactics will do the most to reach your goals.

First, we assess your training needs. Then we help your staff get up to speed. In addition, we can set up labs or coaching sessions. These work well to guide staff as they use new skills on current projects.

Last, but not least, we specialize in helping marketers and fundraisers align their campaigns. That’s geek speak for getting the best of both worlds.

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