A Wider Bridge's logo marks the case study of the web strategy we provided to position them as nonprofit information hub.

Problem /Opportunity:

The mission of A Wider Bridge is to build LGBTQ connections with Israel. Initially, they had a very basic website. it offered information only about the organization’s local programs in the U.S., registration for their trips to Israel, and their response to calls in the LGBTQ community to boycott Israel.

The staff knew their website was attracting only a fraction of A Wider Bridge’s potential target audience and that it was holding them back. To address this problem, they had recently obtained a grant for a major upgrade. However, they had questions about web strategy and not a lot of prior experience in digital project management.


Public Voice NY realized that A Wider Bridge could position its website as a wide-ranging news and culture magazine exploring the intersections of Jewish and LGBTQ life in both Israel and North America.  We helped A Wider Bridge create an editorial policy, identify target audiences, and map out content that would engage them. Then we worked with their web developer to design the information architecture. We drew up site maps and drafted layouts for the page templates that would be needed to showcase a material from widely varied sources. Finally, we coached their staff in curating and keeping fresh a rapidly growing, interactive collection of content, including news, editorials, film, theater, and book releases, blogs, and more.


A Wider Bridge now has diverse and rapidly growing web following. They have won awards for organizational excellence and in addition to their original office in San Francisco, have opened a second office in New York. Their website isn’t the sole source of their success by any means, but it has certainly been an important component of it – and has been able to expand right along with them.

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