Stack of colorful annual reports

Great nonprofit annual reports are key communications assets. They engage a range of key stakeholders. Plus, when done right, they are a trove of content that can be repurposed in other ways. But is your annual report produced in a silo, or is it part of your nonprofit’s overall communications strategy?

Position papers can further enhance your content marketing. They add to your nonprofit’s credibility in its field, make your donors feel even better about their contributions, and attract new audiences.

We can help write and design your nonprofit annual report, including effective storytelling, infographics, and images.We will work with you to produce major reports, in both print and digital formats – and build your capacity for producing even better reports in the future.

Our annual report packages start at $2,500 and include deliverables such as:

  • Creating an annual report strategy
  • Curating existing content and gathering additional material
  • Designing a striking and clearly formatted document
  • Setting up email and social media campaigns to amplify the impact of the report
  • Reviewing report metrics and making recommendations on specific results

All annual report packages include a free, 30-minute phone consultation.

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